TSV Zine 2 – Botanic Vibes

The Smart View — Alemania

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TSV_ZINE, the newest publication in THE SMART VIEWs publication portfolio, is a thematic photozine curated from hashtag submisions of TSV‘s emerging Instagram community. The edition is published in a limited print-run of 250 numbered copies. It aims to come up bi-monthly.

TSV_ZINE 002 is an image selection of 30 international artists on the theme “Botanic Vibes»». We don’t want to spoil too much. Let’s simply say: Welcome to the jungle!

Featured Artists: Linda Westin, Andrew Webb, Mandy Wu, Christian Barajas, Davide Cerretini, André Barros, July Dumont Sofia Jamatte, Ilenia Tesoro, Kristian Cruz, Ludovic Broquereau, Marg Nudelman, Maria Angela Nestola, Mark Sommerfeld, Mariceu Erthal García, Martina Loiola, Justin Andy Attah, Anna Witkowska, Moriah Wolfe, Patrizia Fusi, Tina Sosna, Shchukin Nikita, Alice Guidi, Nabil Rjafellah, Daniela Paoloiello, Viola Di Sante, Osanna Davi, Planeta Kuz, Pierre-Luc Beaulieu

Specifications: Size: 16,5 x 23 cm, Pages: 48, Stapled Brochure, Edition: 250 (numbered)

COMPRAR TSV Zine 2 – Botanic Vibes