Greek Dog Days

Replika Publishing — Alemania

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Greek Dog Days is a shadowed meander through city streets and inter-city roads. Niederkirchner migrates from one desolate scene to the next as if he himself is one of the dogs; vagrant, aimless. Photographs of ghosts of Greece’s past follow him as he documents Greece’s present. While dark in nature, Niederkirchner’s photographs suggest also the country’s clean slate as it were; perhaps an opportunity for regrowth in a new, hopeful direction.

Wild and dusky with glimpses of affection, the Greece portrayed by Niedderkirchner is misted yet razor-sharp. Greek Dog Days invites us on an entrancing and ominous journey; walks past empty shops, as if abandoned, concrete rules over nature while the stereotype of clear blue greek skys is lacking. Only traces of life are present; laundry hanging from windows, but the people themselves are markedly absent. The dogs are unfaltering in their glare, showing their control.

Author/photos: Ilja Niederkirchner, essay: 3.14,Translation into the English: 3.14 Copy Editing: Anna Hanlon, Editing: Roberta Stein, Design and Layout: Freya Copeland and Youvalle Levy Printed at: We Make It & Paper Twins, Berlin, Germany

«198mm x 140mm
132 Pages, Swiss Brochure binding, Riso-Graph printing in Black and Medium Blue
Eos 120gsm and Eos 260gsm
1st edition of 250»

COMPRAR Greek Dog Days