Celeste e Verde

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“Celeste e verde (Pale Blue and Green)” is a small booklet made on the occasion of the exhibition “Le Ore (celeste e verde)” hosted by Multiplo in 2018.
The booklet contains a sequence of 11 photographs, a selection from Daniel Augschöll’s ongoing project which analyzes and reinterprets images taken from the Italian magazine “Le Ore.”
The magazine, published between 1953 and 1994, went through substantial editorial transformations during its existence.
“Celeste e verde (Pale Blue and Green)” recollects thoughts and images from the first decade of the magazine, reflecting on symbols and icons of that period.

Authors: Daniel Augschöll, Anya Jasbar

Saddle-stitched booklet
165 x 233 mm, 16 pages
Italian / English text

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