Ahorn Archive 01

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Ahorn Archive is a compact resource to carry with you, a companion that allows you to read and think about photography everywhere.
Ahorn Archive 1 is the first paperback of a new series containing a selection of essays and interviews from our online archive. Besides that, each book will also feature new content and reflections on the current state of photography. The opening title features thoughts on Melissa Catanese‘s books, interviews with Jo Ann Walters, Sheron Rupp, and Judith Joy Ross. With the contribution of Michael Serra and Susan Worsham.

Authors: Daniel Augschöll, Anya Jasbar, Judith Joy Ross, Sheron Rupp, Michael Serra, Jo Ann Walters, Susan Worsham

Thread-sewn softcover
126 x 168 mm
80 pages

ISBN 978-3946707035

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